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Who to Crack and What are the importance of phone interview

important of phone interview

Your Resume You received a phone call. Now a 10 minute conversation is the deciding factor in whether you will get an interview or not. How important it is.This is the gating process companies use to finish their list of candidates. You will not get a second chance here. This make-it-or-break is the moment that determines whether you can be in the running for a is solution Crack portance of phone interview

Why do companies do phone(telephone) interview

You know how strong the competition is. You know how many people are applying for your job. Companies and hiring managers do not have time to interview them all. So they run you through this short conversational test to see if you are worth spending an hour in a regular interview. In this way, they can meet more people in less time.

Time is the most valuable thing to hire managers. This is why they do telephone interviews. time is money. If they are talking to you, they are not producing. If they can become more efficient with that time, then they are going to do so.They also get some additional bonuses from it. For one thing, it involves less commitment. In an interview, they don’t mind if they decide to reduce the call because they have decided against you in the first few minutes. It is very easy for them to give you a thumbs up and move on if they are not seeing you and are not ready to know you.

Who to crack and Why people succeed or fail in phone interviews 

Job seekers fail a phone interview for two major reasons: they do not take it seriously, and they do not take into account the specific challenges that a phone interview poses to them.Phone interviews, like other interviews, are really all about communication. The problem here is this: the bulk of communication between people is visual, not the actual words they say. Think about body language, facial expressions, gestures, all the things that are affecting your words. Those visual cues really give you an advantage. On the phone, those signals are gone.

If you take the interview seriously as a face-to-face interview, and you learn to work with the unique circumstances of the interview, then you can be successful.Peggy McKee is a career coach and CEO of Career Confidential, a website dedicated to helping job seekers get what you need quickly. Learn more here => Career ConfidentialGet a complete list of article links to take you here for all 37 tips of phone interviews => Phone interview: 37 most essential and extraordinary tips that will get you from face to face

Practice interview

Talking on the phone is not as easy as it sounds. As an individual interviews, practice can be helpful. Not only will it help you rehearse answers to common phone interview questions, but it will also help you feel if you have too many verbal ticks, fail to remember you, or too fast or Speak very slowly.

For practice, conduct a mock interview of a friend or family member and record it so that you can see how you sound on the phone. Once you are done recording, you will be able to listen to your “Ooms” and “Uhs” and “Okies”, so that you can practice reducing them to your interactive speech. Listening to the recording will also help you find answers that you can improve.


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